Rebate Processing

Always precisely the right fit for your campaign

Rebates, loyalty programs, sweepstakes, contests and other promotions can be effective tools in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones, however these programs are very complex, labor-intensive and require a high level of security. Archway has a consumer promotions solution to fit every type and size of campaign you can create – and we can handle every level of execution from receiving your forms to ensuring your customers receive their rebate check, prize, reward or other incentive.

To manage a breadth of campaigns effectively, Archway offers the option of manual data entry or high-speed scanning and data capture.  Our experts analyze your specific program requirements and recommend the most efficient and cost effective process to support your promotions.  Once we’ve captured the key submission data, we provide real-time reporting to help you manage your campaigns and will even analyze your CRM data to spot trends that help you more effectively market to your customers.

We process 100 percent of our clients’ incoming mail in the U.S. in order to maximize your programs’ speed, accuracy and security.  Once we’ve processed the mail and captured scanned images, we also have the option of engaging secure offshore data entry personnel to reduce data capture costs.

  • Offer both manual data entry and high-speed scanning and automated data capture for greater security and flexibility in processing
  • Our large capacity supports high volumes and quick turn times
  • Fraud controls and daily monitoring to spot irregular rebate submissions and/or modifications to rebate checks
  • Identify trends in your CRM data to facilitate your marketing


  • Redemption forecasting
  • Online and paperless rebate fulfillment solutions for manufacturers and retailers
  • Integrated live operator and on-demand web-based solutions
  • Address verification, standardization and de-duplication
  • Prepaid/stored value cards and traditional check solutions
  • Flexible Banking and Reporting Options
  • 100 percent mail processing in the United States
  • Account management
  • Escheatment reporting
  • High-speed scanning and data capture
  • Survey and coupon processing
  • Branded websites to seamlessly gather and process consumer information
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