Reporting, Business Intelligence and Decision Support

End-to-end measurement

Today, real-time reporting is a business requirement. With Archway, you can measure the success of your campaign throughout its life cycle with our reporting, business intelligence and decision support solution. Supported by a team of business intelligence experts, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make solid business decisions that continuously improve your brand’s in-market performance and return on marketing execution.

We can customize a business intelligence solution that provides you with immediate insight into your individual, departmental or enterprise performance. Key metrics are delivered in a rich, intuitive web interface that enables organizations to harness company-wide data for use in both operational decision-making and strategic performance measurement.

Archway provides business intelligence to effectively manage all aspects of data reporting across your company’s marketing supply chain. Track order volume and SKU information right to individual locations by district, sales region or store type to visualize what pieces are ordered. Adjust print quantities based on trend data by type of material so you print what is needed in the correct quantity and at the right time. Stop overprinting items just to scrap them at the end of the season or promotion. Visualize this on maps color-coded to fit specific marketing requirements or to profile locations with specific marketing requirements. The ability to drill down and filter information changes charts, graphs and maps and brings relevant information up front quickly. Our decision support team provides the data and analysis so you’re not the one trying to make sense of a page of numbers.

Leveraging Archway’s reporting, business intelligence and decision support solution, you can turn your marketing programs into an exact science ensuring greater profitability and significant business growth.

  • Automatic notification triggers based on program performance
  • Real-time visibility into spending by program and trending data
  • Profile store locations so the correct marketing materials arrive  where you need them
  • Data integration for a more holistic view based on your KPIs


  • Partnership satisfaction and  performance
  • Standardized and customized reports to put decision making in your hands
  • The data will tell the story so your actions become proactive, not  reactive
  • Access an extensive library of reports and customize reports for your specific brand needs
  • Define and monitor trends and seasonality of the way orders impact inventory needs
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