Intelligent Profiling

Maximize campaign planning and execution

Combining technology, data organization, data collection and operational processes into a unified workflow, we can help you achieve far more effective marketing execution with Intelligent Profiling. Through years of experience, we’ve perfected the process of mapping out the DNA of your locations to leverage marketing spend and get the most effective marketing message into the right place, at the right time — for each and every location — to reduce costs and drive profits.

A key factor in the success of our Intelligent Profiling approach involves careful structuring of data, enabling it to be collected, managed and used effectively. The profiling data is as granular as you need it to be, encompassing every necessary detail to ensure consistent execution, including store type, physical store attributes such as ceiling height and number of windows, fixtures, store demographics and product mix. Unique location data is aligned with point-of-purchase materials to ensure planogram accuracy for more efficient campaign planning and execution. Your locations only get the materials they need, cutting down on wasted inventory and excessive shipping costs. As a result, you don’t have to worry that your marketing dollars will be wasted on unnecessary printing and delivery costs, and local operators will be confident that their marketing spend is leveraged effectively.

Our Intelligent Profiling also integrates with our order management system, so you can seamlessly deploy materials faster and easier, streamline the calculation of production quantities, reduce labor hours and allow more time for the creative process. Plan and execute promotions based on store profiles, profile types and reporting. Create new promotions in advance, including dates, items and stores. Leverage store profiles to calculate required item quantities for sourcing. Create unique store kit orders and release for fulfillment once the items are sourced.

  • Maximize data attributes to ensure that the right materials are  distributed and utilized throughout the marketing process
  • Utilize attribute data to drive accurate demand
  • Streamline planning processes
  • Provide enhanced visibility to campaign distributions and compliance
  • Streamline in-store execution
  • Eliminate waste in material procurement and in-store execution
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