Planogramming & Visual Compliance

Did you know? Retail stores lose up to $15 billion every year due to poor shelf planning.

Poor shelf planning leads to missed sales opportunities, up to $250,000 per retail location year after year. You have the opportunity to break this cycle and start maximizing your in-store ROI with Planogram 2.0.

Planogram 2.0 is the cornerstone of Archway’s planogramming and visual compliance solution. A revolutionary mobile app, Planogram 2.0 allows retailers at the store level to confirm the precise location, type, size and quantity of signage, displays and products—then reorder, make and report changes—all in real-time at the point of purchase.

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How it Works

Planogram 2.0 puts the power of store merchandising in the hands of store managers. The app pinpoints the user’s location and prepopulates the appropriate planogram for their unique in-store environment. With high resolution displays of products and promotional materials, it’s easy to see how retail managers can use this tool to run compliance checks against planograms and what’s actually on the shelf.

Using intuitive, touch screen functionality, Planogram 2.0 makes it easy for users to record the products and promotions in use, make changes to displays on the fly, and reorder products quickly. Planogram 2.0 works in unison with OrderFront 2.0, Archway’s reordering system, to replenish the items needed to maximize sales.

Compliance is further enhanced with Planogram 2.0’s extensive reporting capabilities. From measuring shelf space usage to tracking what’s on the shelf and what’s out of stock, Planogram 2.0 delivers instant, actionable reports that don’t require outsourced support to analyze. Additionally, Planogram 2.0 works with the camera on tablets and mobile devices to allow for in-store image capture.

Don’t miss out on another sale due to poor shelf planning. Close the compliance gap with Planogram 2.0.

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