Take Control of Your In-Store Marketing Materials

With a complex mix of POS & POP signage, displays, fixtures and gift cards, retail presents a unique marketing fulfillment challenge for many retailers. Thanks to our decades of experience helping the nation’s biggest retailers, we understand retail challenges and we know the bottlenecks your business faces. Our proven solutions are designed to simplify the marketing fulfillment process, streamline in-store execution and reduce costs.

Our retail fulfillment solution includes technologies, strategies and fulfillment services designed to streamline your marketing, add visibility to the process and put you back in control of your retail fulfillment.

When you leverage our retail fulfillment solution, you receive:

In-Store Marketing Materials Fulfillment
We combine industry-specific knowledge and decades of experience shipping into retail outlets to reduce waste and maximize efficiencies in the retail supply chain. Archway fulfills POS & POP signage, displays, literature, samples, fixtures and gift cards to thousands of retail stores and distribution centers across the United States and Canada. Our solution is driven by store profiling, vendor management, and online order management for a complete, all-in-one fulfillment program
Store Profiling

At the heart of our retail solution is Store Profiling. Individual profiles are built for each unique location capturing specific attributes that are critical to demand planning. Whether it’s a one-time event, new store opening or seasonal change, Archway’s store profiling ensures each location gets the exact amount of POS materials, POP materials, marketing materials, displays, fixtures and gift cards they need – no more, no less - minimizing printing needs and maximize shipping efficiencies.

Order Management for Consolidated Shipping

Based on your specific business needs, Archway designs an order management interface that can be accessed through a web-based portal or integrated to your existing system. It is user-driven giving you virtual control to manage who can order what, when and how many. Through this interface, users can view images of available materials, place and track orders, run reports and receive important notifications. At the administrative level you can set up monthly campaigns, user-driven rules, access demand planning and print on demand tools or we can do it for you. Once orders are placed, we consolidate them and packaged them based on store profile.

In-Store Execution
Store personnel should be focused on increasing sales not figuring where their marketing orders are and what to do with signs. We leverage store profiles to efficiently and strategically pack shipments to stores taking the guesswork out. We’ll even help train your team members on what to expect when shipments arrive and how to quickly deploy in the store. Our solution reduces labor time and ensures your signage easily makes it to the retail floor.
Vendor Management

When you reduce the time you spend managing vendors, you can focus more on your customers. Archway’s vendor compliance program is an added level of quality control to ensure what you ordered from suppliers is what you are getting before it goes to your stores. Holding suppliers accountable for accuracy and quality eliminates the need for costly rework situations and confusion at the store level.

Program Visibility & Reporting

Track the results of your campaigns with Archway’s reporting tools that provide immediate insights into your business. Interactive dashboards improve visibility of your marketing fulfillment supply chain and allow you to better direct and support critical decisions. Reporting metrics are delivered in a familiar dashboard format that let you quickly see up-to-date performance statistics and allow you to drill down for deeper information. Our team of experienced Business Analysts can also review the results for you and provide actionable recommendations giving you more time to focus on your customers.

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“Archway significantly improved the execution of our marketing campaigns to over 1,000 locations globally. They contribute in making the lives of our store associates easier, so they can stay focused on serving our customers better.”  
- Senior Director Marketing Production

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