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Make Connecting with Your Customers Easier

Connecting with customers and building brand loyalty is critical in any business – especially for consumer packaged goods companies that rely on multiple distribution channels to sell their products. Archway’s solution allows you to focus on interacting with your customers as we ensure all of your materials are delivered on time, accurately and in excellent condition to your wholesalers, retailers, sales reps and consumers. Our solution not only provides warehousing, kitting, co-packing, shipping, customer service and analytics, but reduces waste and eliminates costly cash leaks within your marketing supply chain through our operational best practices and innovative technology.

When you leverage our consumer packaged goods fulfillment solution, you receive:
Marketing Materials & Sample Fulfillment

Archway ties all fulfillment activities together for an efficient consumer packaged goods fulfillment solution. We have decades of experience kitting and co-packing literature, product samples, displays, premiums and shipping them to multiple channels.

Consumer Promotions
Archway manages gift card programs, rebates, sweepstakes and contests backed up by reporting and analytics to help with program support and decision-making. With stringent fraud controls, Archway has built the right processes for the warehousing, printing, fulfillment and drawings of sweepstakes and contests. Our promotion tools automatically capture consumer information through any promotional channel to provide you with business intelligence that you can use to engage your customers after your promotion is over.
Order Management Portal

Archway designs online order management portals specific to your business, so corporate and sales representatives have access to a custom online ordering system. Our order management portal allows users to place orders, co-mingle shipments across multiple brands, forecast usage, schedule e-mail alerts and have virtual control of inventory. At the administrative level you can set up monthly campaigns, create allocation programs and user-driven rules, access demand planning and print on demand tools, or we can do it for you.


Call Center Support
Providing a variety of marketing materials, premiums and products to a variety of end users requires effective customer support. Our customer service representatives place and track orders, while providing a seamless level of support, efficient call resolution and maintain the brand experience to your end users whether they’re wholesalers, retailers, sales representatives, or consumers.
Personalized Print
Archway personalizes variable collateral materials with print-on-demand tools. Our demand-planning tool provides the methodology to document and forecast needs for any marketing vehicle, minimizing print quantities and waste. We also track collateral version information for all printed products to guarantee only up-to-date marketing materials are distributed.
Interactive dashboards improve visibility of your marketing fulfillment supply chain and allow you to measure and track the execution of your campaigns. We provide CPG companies with reports like expiration date and stop ship, giving you visibility to what is expiring. Reporting metrics are delivered in a familiar dashboard format that let you quickly see up-to-date performance statistics and allow you to drill down for deeper information.

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“Archway supports our various channel launches, and has been key for all of our success. Each and every person has performed with outstanding dedication. This could only have been achieved by working together as one team.”
- Director of Warehouse Operations

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